Sex Please We’re Sixty!

By Michael Parker, Susan Parker

Sex Please We're Sixty

Directed by Eva Toscano

Produced by Carol Young

Auditions: December 28th and January 3rd
Performances: Friday, February 26th 7:30 PM, Saturday, February 27th 7:30 PM, Sunday – Matinee, February 28th 2:00 PM, Friday,  March 4th 7:30 PM, Saturday, March 5th 7:30 PM

Setting: Indoors at a New England Bed and Breakfast. Two French doors, three other doors, stairs to upper area.

A typical Parker farce with lots of sexual innuendo and menopausal jokes. “Bud the Stud” is a member of the senior set who has sex drive of a teenager. Mrs. Stancliffe, the owner of the B&B is tolerant and who believes in absolute punctuality. Bring in a persistent suitor who has developed a female version of Viagra, a friend who is willing to try the product, a frustrated menopausal romantic novelist and a southern belle with an overactive libido. Dialogue is fun, people go in and out of doors at a typical Parker pace.

2 males, 4 females


  • BUD DAVIS: Paul Gallant
  • MRS. STANCLIFFE: Gael Nappa
  • HENRY MITCHELL: John Flynn
  • VICTORIA AMBROSE: Nancy Fichera
  • HILLARY HUDSON: Beverly Marzioli


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